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Get the best surveillance systems with Pegasus Security Systems

A lineup of the best video surveillance systems on the planet.

Get the best technology

Dahua Security Systems
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Motion detection is a great way too see everything, while saving on hard drive space. Cameras will start recording the second someone comes into frame.

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Reminders To Help You 'See Everything'

The cameras Pegasus Security Systems deploys allows you to stay on top of everything, while at work or on the go, we have the options to help you see everything.

Camera Systems Sudbury
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See Everything

While at home, work or on the road, our systems will let allow you to see everything from your computer, tablet or phone.

Security CCTV Camera


Get mobile alerts when something enters your cameras view.

Something or someone appears in view of your camera.

Get notified right away, the moment it happens.

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Plug & Play

Plenty of security camera packages come with plug-and-play technology that makes DIY set-up hassle-free.

Sudbury Camera Security Systems
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Wifi Connectivity

Wi-Fi Security Surveillance Cameras are plug-and-play home security solutions that connect to a wireless network in minutes and record to an on-board microSD card.

IK10 Vandal Proof

IK10 is the highest rating possible and should protect against many human-based forms of destructive vandalism.

IP66 Rated Cameras

The IP66 cameras can withstand different weather conditions, such as heavy rain or solid dusts.

Track your nightly activity

Infrared Cameras to capture everything during the night

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Game changing surveillance

Get your surveillance system today!

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